We created Dabóti from the idea to​​ make high-quality, classic-style accessories for men. Dabóti is a word that originated in the lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and has many meanings: to care, to guard, to protect, to love, to be favourable.

Our first collection is Vytis. Vytis, one of the oldest coats of arms in the world, is a portrait seal that later became a symbol of the state in the XIII c. – XIV c., which means a mature ruler who honourably defends his Homeland with a sword. It's believed that the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas was the first to use his image as a knight armed with a sword on a horse. After Algirdas, other Grand Dukes of the Gediminas dynasty began to portray themselves in this way.

When Vytis become a symbol of the state in Lithuania, the heraldry of European states was dominated by the King of animals - the lion, who expressed strength, generosity and anger; an eagle that meant courage, a sharp mind, and insight; a lily that signified beauty and greatness, a double-cross - baptism.

Patriotism is a fundamental value that helps the state to prosper, so we aim to strengthen patriotism by creating stylish accessories with historical meaning. We beautifully pack all products, therefore it is suitable for presenting without additional packaging, thus our products are not only elegant, resembles a glorious past, but also a wonderful gift.

We believe that Dabóti, as well as Vytis, are a symbol that stands for the lifestyle of every honourable person. Therefore, we create Vytis, Gediminas pillars, Double Cross, Eagle and other symbols which enhance our high-quality products.